Sant ‘Angelica System Nature Hair Colorant



System Nature permanent hair dye is ideal for long-lasting uniform color, perfectly covering white and gray hair.

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Sant ‘Angelica System Nature Hair Colorant

Packaging: 120ml

Beautiful, healthy hair is not just a gift of nature. It is also a gift that we can offer ourselves by choosing the right product. And because beautiful hair above all means health, respect for hair and scalp is the main issue in the search for the right dye. With this goal, SantAngelica’s laboratories were inspired by nature and created the new permanent Nature System paints, which perfectly cover whites and give a uniform color with a long duration from the very first use.  Vegetable Keratin is a combination of amino acids from wheat and soy. Keratin is a natural hair protein, which plays an important role in maintaining natural balance.
The Natural Grape Extract has antioxidant properties, which help protect the hair from natural and chemical damage. Natural Olive Extract contains valuable ingredients that stimulate the hair that give shine and unparalleled silky softness. is rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols and flavonoids, which protect free radicals by preventing hair aging. Indian Gooseberry Extract (amla) comes from the Himalayas and India and contains the highest percentage of vitamin C of any other ripe fruit, which helps in hair elasticity and helps protect against free radicals. No ammonia, No alcohol, Free of parabens and Mineral Oil. The pack comprises: dye tube 60ml, mixing Emulsion 60ml, shampoo 20ml, hair mask 20ml, A pair of disposable gloves, disposable protective robe, Instructions.

How To Use

To achieve the best possible result, we suggest that you read the internal instruction booklet and follow the special tips.