Change Diaper & Irritations


Immediately soothes, repairs & purifies skin irritations for the whole family.

Mother and Kids

Fissan Baby Cream 50gr


Fissan Baby Cream provides moisture absorption and skin protection.

Mother and Kids

Froika Baby Cream 125ml


Waterproof Barrier Cream for every diaper change. Protection against conflagration.

Eczema - Atopic Dermatitis

Hydrovit Baby Cream 100ml


Protective and moisturizing cream, which creates a barrier film on the skin.

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Its mineral formula absorbs moisture, soothes minor redness and irritation, and leaves a protective film with a soft feel.

Nursery - First Essentials

Korres Baby Collection Welcome Baby the Essentials Kit


Premium set of essential baby products from the first day of birth, from 100% Organic Cotton and high quality fabrics with respect to the sensitive baby skin.


Diapers specially designed for your newborn baby's skin, with silky softness and 3 absorbent channels, which absorb moisture quickly, leaving the skin dry.

Face Products for Women

Avene Cicalfate+ Absorbing Repair Spray 100ml


Suitable for superficial skin irritations with a tendency to wetting (redness in the diaper area, wet areas, skin folds, youthful rashes, abrasion areas, etc.).


Clinically proven protection against conjunctivitis.

Mother and Kids

Bepanthol Baby Balm for Nappy Rash 30gr


Clinically proven protection against conjunctivitis.

Mother and Kids

Felce Azzura Talcum Powder Fresh 150gr


Fresh notes of Bergamot are enriched by hints of Amber and Cinnamon.

Atopic dermatitis

Frezyderm Atoprel Barrier Cream 150ml


Protective cream that treats and protects atopic eczema-prone skin during nappy changes.

Diaper Rash Creams – Baby Skin CareYour baby is eating his first meal (breastmilk or baby milk in powder)! That’s when his digestive system starts to roll and finally work properly! And then… first pee or poops appear in its diaper, calling you to change it!You might have noticed when you change diapers some redness on the area around them. That happens due to the sensitivity of the baby’s skin, toxicity of stools, and high frequency of digestion! After nappy changes it is important to use special and baby friendly products for the sensitive area in order to avoid irritations and keep the area clean and hydrated.Diaper Rash Cream and Powder Products for BabiesWARNINGAlways wipe very good the area before using any cream. It is very important for the area to be very dry!At Fotopharmacy, discover plenty of products, all with natural ingredients and friendly to baby’s sensitive skin, and give to your baby the finest care deserved!!