Injury & Bruise

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Face Products for Women

A-Derma Dermalibour+ Purifying Repairing Cica-Cream 100ml

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Immediately soothes, repairs & purifies skin irritations for the whole family.


For skin care.


For skin care.


For muscle pains, a relief after strenuous exercise.


This cream with restoring and purifying active ingredients immediately soothes skin discomfort and promotes the restoration of sensitive dry skin from 48 hours.


4 in 1 Wound & Superficial Burn Healing Gel.

Insect Bites & Stings Treatments

Cicatridina Ointment 60gr


Cicatridina Ointment is indicated in the adjuvant treatment of reparative processes of superficial and deep wounds.


Scrapes, cuts and grazes will be forgotten with these great plasters featuring Disney Princess characters.

Mother and Kids

Hansaplast Junior Wound Care Kit


Contains Antiseptic Kids Spray 100ml & Wound Healing Cream 20gr & Universal Plasters 20pcs.

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Hansaplast Sport Cooling Gel 100ml

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Protects against germs & bacteria.


The Hansaplast Wound Cleaning Spray for children is a specialized product designed for the effective care of wounds in children.


Protects against germs & bacteria.

Excessive exercise, an injury during exercise, poor physical condition, a manual work that we are not used to, the wrong posture, a sudden movement and repetitive movements at work, in the garden, in the use of the computer, are enough for to increase muscle tension and eventually cause pain. And we must not forget the stress: painful muscle contractions are caused by the pressure and intensity of everyday life.

It is not enough that the muscles hurt, we also have stiffness in the area we pressed. This pain is due to the muscle being “destroyed” and “rebuilt”. To be precise, when we force a weak muscle at an unusual rate, then this muscle tissue is destroyed and rebuilt stronger and larger, to withstand the new conditions. This process takes a few days and is the cause of our pain and feeling trapped.

It is often quite difficult to find the difference between a muscle pain and a muscle injury. Symptoms of a serious injury include severe or persistent muscle pain, spasm or swelling, pain in a bone or joint, stiffness or reduced mobility of a joint, hematoma or numbness.

At Fotopharmacy, you will discover not only plenty of painkilling
creams and heating creams for stiffness, but also muscular pains disappear with the
application of thermotherapy and cryotherapy!!