It may not be known to most, but it is one of our healthiest allies. The reason for the precious metals, gold, silver and platinum, as well as other minerals, which belong to the basic ingredients for the creation of drugs and medical technology. At the same time, a number of metals, such as calcium, copper, iron and magnesium, help to shield the human body against viruses and various diseases.

Protective shield
Modern medicine might be a completely different science today if the exploitation of copper, zinc, gold, silver, and lead were not possible.

Copper facilitates metabolism, the production of red blood cells, the regulation of neurotransmitters, the fight against free radicals, the protection of the cardiovascular system and the prevention of osteoporosis.
It is also found in critical diagnostic equipment (eg CT scanner), while it has applications in diagnostic methods such as nuclear imaging and radiotherapy. In fact, according to experts, copper surfaces have a particularly high intolerance to bacteria and viruses, which is not affected by their mutations.

In addition to antiviral properties, zinc, which allows to reduce the duration of infections or completely prevent them, participates in the blood clotting mechanism, strengthens the immune system and contributes to wound healing and cell division. If taken during the first 24 hours of a cold, zinc has the potential to reduce both the severity and duration of its symptoms. As a metal, it is extremely durable, with anti-corrosion properties.

Gold, although for most people it is associated with jewelry and other objects of high value, has important medical uses. Gold compounds are increasingly being used to treat various types of cancer, with the most striking use of the king of precious metals in chemotherapy.

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