Energy & Boost


nutritional supplement that contributes to the body's normal psychological & nervous function


food supplement in effervescent form with a combination of Electrolytes


Alvityl ® Vitality Syrup restores the body's energy and vitality.

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Nervous System

ApiPharm Royal Jelly 30caps

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Royal Jelly in capsule form.


Mental performance - Cognitive function - Stimulation of the organism


It is a nutritional supplement based on minerals, amino acids and vitamins with vegetable extracts.

Nervous System

Eviol Magnesium 350mg 30caps


Flexibility and comfort in movement.


Nutritional supplement for skin, fatigue and mood.


Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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Well Being

Genecom Terra Energy 14sachets

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It contributes to the normal functioning of metabolic processes aimed at energy efficiency, electrolyte balance and reduction of fatigue and tiredness.

Well Being

Health Aid Maca 500mg 60tabs


Maintains purity & high potency.

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Nutritional supplement that contributes to the reduction of fatigue, the normal functioning of the nervous system & muscles and the maintenance of bone health.

The Best Supplements for Energy and Stimulation

Do you feel that you have no energy? Do you ever wonder what you waste your energy on? Most of us often have to deal with tiredness. We do not feel like doing anything. But, there is a solution: vitamin supplements.


If you have invested money in a daily multivitamin, you will want to make sure that  you make the most of it. There are specific ways to maximize the effectiveness of  dietary supplements, such as taking them at the best time of the day.

But when is the best time to take a multivitamin?

Especially because there are so many ingredients, it can be difficult to tell if you should take the pill in the morning or evening, with food or on an empty stomach. There are many conflicting tips out there that may confuse you more. Do not worry anymore. It’s time to learn everything you need to know about the best time to take a multivitamin.

Does time really matter?

Taking a multivitamin, especially if it has been prescribed by your doctor, can  eliminate your nutritional deficiencies. But taking it at the right time of day can  make the supplement more effective and thus solve your problems faster.

Factors such as meal time can affect the absorption of vitamins from the stomach.  It can also have some side effects, such as nausea or insomnia, which can  accompany some of the components of multivitamins.

Therefore, in short, the timing really matters in some cases. While it may not be  important to take your multivitamin at a specific time, it might make your life a little  easier. Most multivitamins advise you to take them early in the day with food and  drink. For most people this is the best time to take your multivitamin.

Check the ingredients

Certain vitamins, such as fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), can be better absorbed  when taken with dietary fats. This means that when you take them with food, they  can be better absorbed. The absorption of water-soluble vitamins, such as B and  C, is not significantly affected by whether you take them with a meal.

Formulations containing B vitamins are best taken early in the day. This is because  this group of vitamins plays a role in metabolism and is often found in energy drinks  because of their ability to help the body convert food into fuel.

If the multivitamin contains other ingredients such as ginseng root, it should be  taken on a full stomach, preferably in the morning as ginseng may be irritating on  an empty stomach. At the same time, the morning is the best time of action of  ginseng to have energy throughout the day while the evening hours of taking can  be stressful at night.
Also, if the multivitamin contains a combination of amino acids, it is best taken on an empty stomach for better absorption of amino acids.

Finally, it is better not to take vitamin C in the afternoon because it can cause excessive agitation and insomnia.

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