The Most Suitable Shampoo Products for Children

Your child’s bath can become an occasion for mom and daughter or mom and son to get closer, or an occasion to relax your child with a gentle head massage.

Of course, you should not use your own shampoo, but a product specifically for children. The reasonable question is “which product”.

Baby soap / shower gel. It is emphasized that all children’s soaps today are euphemistically called soaps. These are soap substitutes, alkaline cleansers and moisturizers that simultaneously cleanse the skin, balance it and moisturize it.

It is noted that the difference between the shower gel and the shampoo lies in the fact that special shampoos are added to the shampoo that make the hair shine, ie it is not dull. Babies can use a shower gel / shampoo.

At Fotopharmacy, we give you plenty of options to choose what shampoo you prefer for your child, all with natural ingredients, friendly to every child’s skin!