Urinary Tract Infection: The Right Prevention!

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the second most common cause that people visit their doctors every year. A urinary tract infection is any infection (usually bacterial) that affects a part of the urinary tract. When the microorganisms enter the urinary system, they multiply causing infection and since then all the unpleasant symptoms begin. The main […]

Hydrating or moisturizing product for your daily routine?

If you look closely at the product labels, you will see that there is a distinction between “hydrating” and “moisturizing”. And no, it’s not the same thing! All cosmetic companies promote products that all promise a healthy, soft and glowing skin. It is really difficult to choose which cosmetics are most suitable for the care […]

What About Hair Loss?

Hair grows  0.2-0.5mm per day and the average of its lifetime is 3-4 years, during which it undergo various hardships resulting in losing some of their strength, shine and beauty. “Chemical” treatments, aggressive beauty products and brutal treatment with the brush and hair dryer lead to damaged hair and hair loss. Hair is “born”, grows […]

Cold Water, Air Conditioners & Sore Throat Of Summer.

Although sore throat, generally, associated with winter and low temperatures, it also occurs in summer, depriving us of valuable moments of vacation and relaxation. The main factors that contribute to the appearance of sore throat in summer are cold drinks or water, the use of air conditioners, ice cream, viruses, abrupt temperature changes  and exposure […]