The Best Products to Counter Hair Loss in MenHair loss is such a common situation among men that we tend to consider it normal. However, it has a strong effect on their psychology. Alopecia or hair loss due to the effect of androgen on the hair follicles is a situation which is genetically determined and thus can be  inherited. Take preventive and immediate measures against hair loss using complete treatments specific for your hair type.Hair loss is the biggest fear for most men over 25. There are many reasons for hair loss, some of which are related to heredity, while others are related to the stress and anxiety of everyday life. By  following the tips below you will definitely have healthier hair.Avoid heavy softening  creamsOf course you will continue to use emollient and if you do not.. start  immediately! Hydration is essential in the care of your hair. It prevents dryness and  breakage of the hair, which further aggravates hair loss. Make sure you use a light  conditioner so they don’t look “heavy” and dull.Follow anti-hair loss treatmentThere  are medications for topical use and some others that are taken orally which are  approved and have the ability not only to stop hair loss but even to stop it  completely. However, you should use these medications forever. Once you stop  using any prescription medication, hair loss will recur. Any treatment should be  used in combination with a good shampoo, as hair care also means proper  cleansing of the scalp. Proper hair cleansing helps local treatment to penetrate  properly and do its job.