Lips - Eyes - Sensitive Zones


Protects the face, lips and sensitive areas (moles, scars, tattoos) from UVA/UVB rays with a single movement without leaving any residue.


Protective Stick SPF50+ offers very high broad-spectrum protection for the face and sensitive areas (lips, shoulders, scars, moles, tattoos). Take with you anywhere!


Moisturizes and softens, Protects sensitive kids’ lips from dryness


Moisturizes and soothes, Everyday protection, Softens the lips


Moisturizing Lip Care!


Protects and moisturizes, Adds a hint of chocolate color on lips


Moisturizes deep down, Protects all year long, Softens the lips

Lip Care

Apivita Honey Lip Care 4.4gr


Comforts and restores dry lips, Moisturizes and soothes, Prevents dryness

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Lip Care

Apivita Pomegranate Lip Care 4.4gr

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Protects and moisturizes, Adds a reddish-pink color on lips


Instantly relieves dry chapped lips, Protects & moisturizes, Soothes


Ideal for localized face and body sensitive areas(ears, nose, lips, pigmentation spots, scars etc.)  of the whole family and sports!

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Lips - Eyes - Sensitive Zones

Frezyderm Active Sun Screen SPF50+ Lip Balm 15ml

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Active sun protection for the lips with hydrating and antioxidant action.

Summer is a great time to go out and have fun in the sun. Whether you are going on vacation, camping, family adventures or just relaxing by the pool this summer, young and old enjoy the hot sun or playing games or relaxing without thinking that in addition to their body they can expose their eyes & lips to sun.

The sun, the sea, the pool play out the leading role of every summer. But how beneficial are these factors for our eyes & lips?

We all now know the danger of the sun in relation to dermatological diseases, but let us not forget that in addition to our skin, our eyes and lips also have direct contact with the sun.

These sensitive areas can be protected with our recommended products and brands and you can offer to yourself better and most effective protection from the sun!!
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