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Hypertension is a silent condition that one can suffer from but not realize it in time. It may for long periods of time show elevated blood pressure and be well above the limit. Hypertension is associated with a number of serious diseases such as heart failure, stroke, kidney damage. One in three Americans has high blood pressure.

It may be due to some genetic factors or even age, factors for which we can not do anything. But there are a number of other factors, non-pathological, to which we can certainly intervene and significantly improve the situation. Here are some steps one can take to regulate one’s blood pressure.

Relax, give yourself time to unwind.
Environmental stress is also an important factor in the manifestation and development of hypertension.

Watch your weight.
Undoubtedly one of the most important factors in the occurrence of hypertension is increased body weight or the presence of obesity. Its variation in normal levels plays an important role in maintaining normal blood pressure levels.

A careful diet followed.
Our daily diet is an important factor in maintaining blood pressure at normal levels.

Significantly reduce salt intake.
Sodium may be found in many foods, but it is also found in many standard foods. The right choice of foods that have a reduced presence of salt or that has not been added, contributes significantly to the overall control of salt intake. However, the daily home use in cooking or at the table must be limited.

Adjust the levels of vitamin D in your body.
Numerous studies have shown that serum levels of 1.25 (OH) 2D3 are inversely related to blood pressure. In studies performed on hypertensive individuals or elderly patients, supplemental vitamin D reduction reduced blood pressure. Also in people with pre-existing heart disease, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of developing a disease-related death. Based on the above, the protective effect of vitamin D is obvious. Although our body can produce vitamin D under the influence of sunlight, our lifestyle and reduced exposure to the sun leads to low production. Extensive studies have shown that a significant percentage of the population has low levels of vitamin D. If one considers that it is almost impossible to meet the daily needs of vitamin D (let alone correct any deficiency), daily intake is necessary. supplement (4000-1000 IU) depending on the case.

Watch your blood pressure.
The truth is that a large percentage of people are unaware that they have high blood pressure. For many, the symptoms go unnoticed but are not evaluated properly.

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