Firming & Breast Care

Breast Firming

BEMA Bio Breast Plus Kit


One single treatment raises, fills and firms your bust.


Hydrogel breast mask with gold, collagen, grape and oat extracts.


Intensive and lasting effect!

Body Products for Women

Elancyl Bust Firming Serum 50ml


Complete care for the beauty of the bust (breasts, neck and cleavage).

Face Products for Women

Korres White Pine Radiant Body Lift Cream 200ml


Firming body cream specially designed for postmenopausal women, acts targeted at the 5 main areas of relaxation of the body, hands, chest, stomach, buttocks and thighs.


Try this rich body butter for massage with organic shea butter, Siberian rocket, Achilles and white candle. It is the ultimate tightening and sculpting treatment. Siberian arugula consists of one third of fatty acids, which soften and moisturize the skin.

Why is there a need for breast care?

As time goes by, a woman’s body is subject to many changes. The most feminine part of the body loses its firmness and elasticity resulting in breast relaxation. Most
times, this starts after the age of forty, but it can start earlier due to many different reasons.

Find a suitable breast firming cream and serum

The neck and breast areas are parts of our body which need extra care. If you want the area in question to remain without any wrinkles and relaxation for many years, you should look after it daily and you should not neglect it. Discover unique brand name products which will offer your skin glow and invigoration.