A lot of
men and women suffer from oily hair. Your hair looks oily, neglected, dull and dirty! Whether you consider it an illness or an aesthetic problem, oily hair causes problems to a lot of people.

What causes oily hair

Sebaceous glands are found in the skin, near the hair follicles. They can be found everywhere on the body, except the palms and the feet but numerous can be found on the face, the scalp, etc. The glands produce sebum, an oily substance which is emitted through the hair follicles. The sebum keeps the hair flexible and the skin waterproof.

Excessive production plays a very important role on how oily the skin is. During the summer months, the problem gets worse due to perspiration. In the worst cases, apart from oily hair, the sebaceous glands open the roots and possibly result in extreme hair loss and dandruff. Fight oily hair choosing the most proper products for their care from our online pharmacy.