What are Bb creams? What about Cc and Dd creams?

Care and color in one product. Bb, Cc and Dd creams are ideal to moisturize the skin, to protect it from the sun and to look after the skin while offering cover at the
same time. Trust a cream with color and enjoy many properties in one product! Find them below at fotopharmacy.com

Find the most suitable cream for your skin type

If you have normal skin type, go for a Bb, Cc, or Dd cream which is suitable for your needs. Make sure it is suitable for your skin, ideal for the way you live and the time you have in order to apply it and look for the right hue to match your skin tone. If you have oily skin type or skin prone to acne or even very light or very dark skin Bb and Cc creams will not offer you the care and cover your skin needs and you will have to look for more specialized products. However, even for such demanding skin types, special Bb and Cc creams have been created.