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Liposomal Formula, Oral Solution With Glutathione!!

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Liposomal Formula, Oral Solution With Glutathione!!

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Antioxidant formula that helps to treat free radicals. Provides wellness, vitality, anti-aging & youthful vigor. Contributes to the health of skin, hair & nails.


Skin radiance starts from within, so that’s where Perfectil Platinum Radiance gets to work – an advanced cell renewal TimeDefy formula with benefits delivered in the bloodstream.

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Perfectil Hair provides your skin, hair and nails with a comprehensive spectrum of the essential bio-active nutrients.

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Vitabiotics Perfectil Skin 56tabs

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This gives you the advantage of Perfectil with a Nutri-dermal capsule including biotin, Omega-3 fatty acids and Coenzyme Q10.

L-cysteine is an unnecessary amino acid and can be synthesized in the human body from L-methionine and L-serine. The main feature of L-cysteine is that it is a sulfur-containing amino acid. L-cysteine contributes to the structure of proteins through the bonds that develop between the sulfur atoms of cysteines (disulfide bonds, S-S).

L-cysteine, in combination with other nutrients, is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from the effects of radiation, smoking and other toxins such as alcohol and heavy metals. It is an important part of the glutathione peptide, which plays an important role in the action of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase. It is also necessary for the production of coenzyme A, which is vital for the production of energy from food. In addition, it is a component of the compound that regulates blood sugar, namely glucose tolerance factor (GTF). At the same time, L-cysteine is an important structural component of hair and hair growth and health depends on the proper dosage of L-cysteine.


L-cysteine can be used:
For pathologies of the bronchi, as it helps to liquefy and remove mucus from the lungs and bronchi (1).
For protection against radiation, in particular in the context of medications (1).
For protection against the side effects of chemotherapy (1).
To protect against high levels of cobalt and molybdenum (L-cysteine and / or L-methionine), as it has been shown to reduce the symptoms of excessively high levels of these metals. It may also be useful in other cases of heavy metal toxicity (1).
To prevent hair loss and limited hair growth (1).

Although there are no side effects from taking 3-4g of L-cysteine daily, it is not normal to take more than 1g daily. Doses above 7g may lead to the formation of L-cystine stones in the kidneys. High doses of L-cysteine are best taken with a vitamin C supplement, as this can prevent oxidation of L-cysteine.

Diabetes and Cystinuria
L-cysteine should be avoided by diabetics. People with cystinuria, an inherited disorder in which large amounts of L-cysteine and other amino acids are excreted in the urine, should also avoid taking L-cysteine supplements.

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