Hair Sunscreen


Sunscreen spray for hair!


Protects & preserves hair color, Moisturizes & nourishes, Summery shiny look - delicious fragrance

For the Summer

Luxurious Hair Sea Mist 200ml


Sea Mist for wavy hair!

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Sunscreen Hair Spray!


With waterproof UV filter that prevents fading of hair color, ideal protection for all year round.


Waterproof KPF 50+ SOLAIRE Protective summer oil for hair ensures perfect protection for exposed hair.


Sun protection hair spray that prevents hair from drying out while adding softness, without weighing it down.

You may have filled your holiday bag with sunscreen for your face and body, but what about your hair? The sun in combination with sea salt or chlorine and air are the main enemies that attack not only our body but also our hair, stealing a lot of their natural shine. Especially if you have dyed hair, surely keeping their color shiny and unchanged throughout the summer will be one of your primary beauty duties. Your ally? Hair sunscreens that, in addition to UV protection, contribute to their deep nourishment and hydration.

Good to notice
Before diving in the sea or the pool, wet your hair with tap water, so that chlorine or salt does not penetrate into the hair to a large extent.

Before sun exposure, use sunscreen spray from the root to the ends for complete protection.

And do not forget that applying sunscreen to your hair does not mean that you have the freedom to sit for hours in the sun … which translates to: always make sure you wear a hat or wrap your hair with a handkerchief while sitting in the sun!

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