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Mask for rich volume and shine!

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Mask for rich volume and shine.


Pantene Pro-V Miracles Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Oil Mist

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It offers controlled volume and texture to thin hair.


The Balancing Conditioner is ideal for hair with oily roots and dry ends thanks to its lightweight texture that leaves hair soft and bouncy.


Cleanses gently, Regulates oiliness, Moisturizes the dry hair ends

Hair Products for Women

Harkontroll Boosting Spray 120ml


Hair Shine Boosting Spray strengthens hair and gives a gloss finish. A leave-in conditioner that counteracts frizzy, lifeless and dull hair!


Ultra-light shampoo gives fine hair natural long-lasting volume and texture without weighing it down. Hair is left feeling soft and light.


Provides softness and hold! Suitable for frequent use!


Provides softness and hold! Suitable for frequent use!

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Strengthening and volumising shampoo for thin / fine hair.


Gives hair an incredible volume from the roots! Nourishes and enriches hair with the necessary moisture! Makes hair stronger and more elastic!

How lacking nutrition can affect our hair

Weak and dull hair which lacks volume and shine is probably a sign that your body lacks an important ingredient.

Because our nutrition is reflected on our appearance, making some small changes in our diet can give a new life to our hair.

The best volumizing hair products for women

Lack of hair volume probably suggests that our body does not have the necessary
proteins. Because our hair consists by 90% of proteins, it is necessary to take this necessary ingredient through our nutrition so that our hair remains healthy and strong.