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Intimate Zone

Alco Disposable Seat Cover 10pieces


Alco Disposable Seat Cover 10pieces Disposable plastic cover for a toilet bowl. It is simply placed on the rim of the bowl before sitting down. Waterproof (as it is not made of paper), soft, and easy to use in three colors. Each one is packaged in its own envelope. ALCO is useful for travel, at [...]

Intimate Zone Products for Women

Aquasol Femina Intimate Cleansing Foam 40ml


Aquasol Femina Intimate Cleansing Foam is specially designed for daily hygiene, rejuvenation and maintenance of good health in the sensitive area.


Cleansing lotion for the sensitive area.


Sensitive area cleansing lotion with a delicate composition, which gives a feeling of freshness.


Dispenser bottle with 100 ml


Gentle skin care balm


Mild cleanser for intimate hygiene.


Daily liquid cleanser with probiotics & prebiotics.

Intimate Zone Products for Women

Eva Intima Original Mild Foam 150ml


Daily cleansing foam specially designed for application with or without water.

Intimate Zone Products for Women

Eva Intima Post Menstrual pH 7.0 Douche 147ml


Vaginal douche for the effective removal of the depleted residues after the end of menstruation.


Its composition, designed to respect the natural physiological balance of the mucous membranes, is enriched with the classic aroma for a prolonged sense of well-being.


Sensitive Area Cleaning Wipes

Clean and care for your intimate zone with these products

Find all the products for cleaning the intimate zone daily. Daily hygiene and care for the intimate zone. Mild cleansing products, products with antibacterial and antifungal properties or products for vaginal washings. Cleansing products with  chamomile, cranberry, green soap, mild foams to cover all your needs. 

According to specialists, the female vagina has its own ecosystem, in which reside  beneficial bacteria that form its flora. Under normal circumstances, vaginal pH is  considered acidic so that balance is kept. If this acidic pH is disturbed, then  balance is lost and the appearance of certain germs instead of other, beneficial  ones is fostered. 

How to treat your intimate area

As we all know, the most important step for the protection and health of the intimate
zone is proper cleanliness. Simple washing on the surface is not enough to protect the intimate area from germs which hide in less obvious areas, like the plications found in the area. To clean the area properly, you should take other factors into  consideration, like age and current general state (for example: teenage hood, pregnancy, menopause, etc).