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Sun Protection

A Derma Protect Cream AD SPF50+ 150ml

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Summer is the pre-eminent season for holidays, short or long trips inside and outside Greece. We will develop indicatively some common diseases and for their treatment.

The best treatment is and will always be prevention. Medicine is a science that essentially helps the existing mechanisms of treatment of our body, so prevention is the best treatment.

The main pleasure of summer is the life-giving sun. The solar radiation necessary for our mental and physical health through multiple mechanisms, also carries a risk, if we do not enjoy it in moderation.

Man’s reckless exposure to sunlight and our reckless exposure to high temperatures is certainly harmful. Some simple rules we need to know from the harmful properties of sunlight to protect us are essential to our health.

1) It is necessary to use sunscreen, medium, up to a high protection index. This is especially true for children and people over 65, because the skin does not have the same reserves of self-healing as young adults. Frequent repetitions and use of some amount of sunscreen throughout the day and not just once a day are necessary.

2) The use of hat and clothes, especially during the hours when the sunlight is maximum, ie at noon. Pay special attention to infants and children under 10 years  of age.

3) Hydration. Throughout the day we need to compensate for fluid loss with the amount of juice, water and fruit consumption that they replace and the essential electrolytes we lose through sweating.

4)Mosquito bites The bite of our mosquitoes creates itching and makes our nights a hell, while lately, the cases of infection by the West Nile virus, which is transmitted mainly by their bite, have increased. Protect your skin with repellents which are skin friendly and also suitable for babies and children.



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