Nasal Decongestion

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Decongests, fluidifies/protects and promotes the regeneration of the mucosa. Ccooling effect!

Mother and Kids

Athomer Nasal Wash System


Cleaning & Decongestion of nasal cavity.


Cleaning & Decongestion of nasal cavity.


Mucus removal, colds with microbial superinfection, prevention of acute otitis of babies and children.

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Nasal decongestant for children from 6 years 2,2 NaCi.

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Nasal hypertonic decongestant jet 3.1% NaCl, for children from 10 years and adults.


For the hygiene of the nose, eyes & ears as well as for cleaning wounds on the skin.

Mother and Kids

Iovir Nasal Spray 20ml


Reduces the duration of the flu and the intensity of the symptoms of the common cold.

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Iovir Plus & Nasal Spray 20ml


Suitable for reducing the occurrence of new infections.

Mother and Kids

Iovir Throat Spray 20ml


For nasal descongetion!

Nasal Decongestion

Mega Sneezy Menthol Wipes 15pcs


Moist wipes with menthol


a device designed to enhance airflow through the nostrils

Nasal Decongestant Products for Kids

Nasal congestion is one of the oldest and most common symptoms and, while for some it is a simple annoyance, for others it is a source of severe intolerance that also affects the quality of life. The causes of nasal congestion are divided into four (4) major categories, which often coexist.

1. Anatomical abnormalities

This category includes abnormalities of both the nasal pyramid (external appearance) and the nasal septum due to an injury.

2. Infections

The common cold, which is caused by infection with various viruses, which are transmitted mainly from the hands to the nose, causes difficulty breathing through the nose and nasal congestion, due to the release of various substances from the nasal mucosa which in turn cause tissue swelling.

3. Allergies

Allergic rhinitis, which is an enhanced inflammatory reaction of the nose to certain substances, is distinguished into seasonal (spring and late summer) due to pollen from trees, flowers and grass, and non-seasonal that lasts all year long due to airborne fungi, in the dust of the house as well as in the epithelia of various pets (dog, cat, birds).

4.Vascular rhinitis

The nasal mucosa has a rich network of blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) which have the ability to contract and dilate. The constriction and dilation of blood vessels, which occurs due to the release of various substances in the nose, results in swelling or shrinkage of the nasal mucosa and therefore obstruction (dilation of blood vessels) or non-vasoconstriction of nasal breathing. In addition to inflammation and allergy, there are other conditions that cause swelling of the vessels of the nose and therefore the obstruction of nasal breathing such as psychological stress, hypothyroidism, pregnancy, some antihypertensive drugs and the abuse of local withdrawal nasal drops and sprays.

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