Bath & Shower Gels for Women


Invigorating shower cream with involving bouquet for those who are looking for something special for the care of their body!

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Sharp and elegant; fresh and natural fragrance, ideal to reduce the negativities and fight daily stress.


A moisturizing and soothing shower cream ideal for those who find passion and love for their own body in the simplicity of sweetness.


After the bath, the skin will not only be clean, but also velvety and soft.


Fresh and light, it gives the skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients to keep long-lasting natural balance

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The ultimate travel set, which includes shampoo, shower gel and cleansing gel for face and eyes.

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It relieves and soothes symptoms of itching-pruritus (burning, erythema, exfoliation).

Body Products for Women

Body Farm Donkey Milk Shower Gel 250ml


Moisturizing shower gel inspired by the unique moisturizing and regenerating properties contained in donkey milk.

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Body Farm Gift Set with Mandarin & Basil scent


Body Farm Gift Set with Gardenia scent


Moisturizing body wash Donkey milk soap with pure virgin olive oil and Shampoo.

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Body Farm Mini Gift Set for body care with a pleasant vanilla - milk aroma.

Smooth feeling, moisturizing and revitalization.

What do bath and shower gels do?

Shower gels and soaps which look after and moisturize your skin leaving it clean  and smooth. Made with natural ingredients, they produce smooth foam and have a discreet scent, which protect your skin, leaving it significantly more glowing and softer. With special ingredients and softening agents, which offer your skin  freshness and revitalization, boosting natural moisturizing for results which last.

Find the best bath gel and shower products

Turn the daily routine of showering into a unique experience of care, relaxation and
revitalization. Offer your skin a smooth feeling, travel into the world of different scents and improve your mood while taking a shower.

Products with natural ingredients, such as pears, jasmine, bergamot, wild rose, vanilla, cinnamon, white tea, products which will offer you moisturizing, peeling, shower foams and gels for sensitive skins, are only a few of the countless choices you have at your disposal.