Soaps for Women

Face Products for Women

Apivita Promo Bee Lover


A unique gift set for you and your loved ones, in a festive box!

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Body Products for Women

Arkadi Classic Green Soap Bar 4x150gr

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For the daily cleaning of the house and for personal hygiene.


Soap with 100% ocean algae, for exfoliation and removal of dead cells.

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Donkey milk soap with pure virgin olive oil!


Body Farm Mini Gift Set for body care with a pleasant vanilla - milk aroma.


Mild and oily bathfoam for dry and very dry skin.


Dispenser bottle with 100 ml


Daily liquid cleanser with probiotics & prebiotics.

Soaps for Women

Felce Azzura Classic Bar Soap 100gr


A completely natural product, enriched by the presence of glycerin, known for its moisturizing and softening properties.


Its composition, designed to respect the natural physiological balance of the mucous membranes, is enriched with the classic aroma for a prolonged sense of well-being.


Βeauty soap enriched by the presence of glycerin, totally natural product, known for its moisturizing and emollient effects.


Moisturizing with rice milk and the seductive smell of cherry blossoms - with massage function.

Bar soap which respects and protects your skin

Cleansing bar soap for cleaning your face and your body every day. For invigoration, moisturizing and deep care, keeping your skin’s natural moisture.  These soap bars contribute to effectively cleaning your skin and its pores while at the same time protecting its natural biosphere and protecting it from harmful microorganisms., our online pharmacy, has a wide variety of soap bar products for every day cleansing and offers you high quality products for your daily hygiene.

Find soap bars suitable for your skin

Find soap bars which keep the balance of your skin pH and are suitable even for the most sensitive skin types.

They help with natural moisturizing of your skin and offer deep cleaning without
irritating your skin.