Soap with 100% ocean algae, for exfoliation and removal of dead cells.

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Elancyl Slim Design Day Stubborn Cellulite Cream 200ml


Powerful combination to activate lipid metabolismsmooth dimples & improve skin’s texture with a daily application in the morning.

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Weight Loss Products for Women

Elancyl Slimming Concentrate Gel 200 ml

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Elancyl Concentrate Gel is a gel for massaging against cellulite and the appearance of orange peel, for use in the shower.

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Matis Slim-Motion Body Slimming Cream 200ml


This thermoactive, slimming and firming  emulsion springs into action when rubbed in during the massage.


Organic angelica and bitter wormwood extracts contain antioxidants - they struggle free radicals in the skin, providing a general anti-ageing effect.


A natural volcanic thermal mud to achieve the body of your dreams


Extracts of northern linnea, nettle and organic Altai mint additionally tone up and relieve puffiness due to the cooling effect.

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Weight Loss Products for Women

Apivita Body Reshaping Massage Oil with Rose Pepper 150ml

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Τones the body's microcirculation, combats local fat and cellulite, improves the skin's appearance.


Promotes a tight and smooth body contour, Moisturizes and maintains skin elasticity, Invigorates skin and mood


This tightening cream targets 4 key areas of your body for visibly firmer skin!

Weight Loss Products for Women

Elancyl Energizing Foaming Scrub 150ml


Formulated with exfoliating micro-particles to remove dead skin cells, and ivy extract to drain and detoxify the skin.

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Elancyl Slim Design 2in1 Slimming Oil 150ml


Recommended for the treatment of cellulite and the prevention of stretch marks.

With the aid of beauty and self-confidence you can be the best version of yourself.  Let us help you fight and find a cellulite treatment that works wonders for you. 

How to deal with cellulite?

There are many ways to fight cellulite. Correct diet and exercise sometimes are not enough. The ideal solution is a treatment which will continue throughout the year and not only for the summer months. What are the methods for fighting cellulite? To begin with, there are all the anti-cellulite creams, ampoules and of course all the natural products for cellulite. The proper cellulite products can do wonders if used properly and consistently. Sometimes, dehydrated skin has this orange peel look, which needs immediate moisturizing to avoid the appearance of cellulite.

The best cellulite treatment products

On our online shop, fotopharmacy.com, you will find cellulite creams and many other skin problems as well as a wide variety of slimming products. Look for the ideal cream which will change the look of orange peel look of your skin, even from the first use.