Foot Bath


Gehwol Bath Salt 250gr


Softly and thoroughly cleanses, stimulates the circulation, revitalises and strengthens the skin.


Foot bath with essential balsam oil extracts, helps and relieves tired and painful feet


Invigorates tired, aching feet and legs.

The Most Suitable Foot Bath ProductsFoot care is now a daily necessity due to the modern way of life! Long hours of standing, inappropriate shoes, exercise, but also extra pounds are just a few of the factors that burden our feet.For the reason that we must not neglect their care and hygiene, it is important to include it in our daily routine. That’s why Fotopharmacy store suggest you the top natural tips for foot care at home.The skin of the foot is much thicker than other parts of our body. That’s why we need products that give deep and effective hydration. Daily application of moisturizer will keep our feet smooth and soft.Foot bath is the best way to relieve our tired feet after a demanding day at work. We put lukewarm water in a basin, adding essential oils with our favorite scent. Then immerse your feet in the water and relax for few minutes, giving them the daily hydration they  need. Gewhol cleanses, stimulates circulation, revitalises and strengthens the foot skin. The soothing substances are deeply absorbed into the pores and prevent  excessive perspiration and foot odour.