The Best Dental Care Products

When we talk about oral hygiene we mean all the actions for oral care such as removing the microbial plaque and maintaining an environment that does not favor  the occurrence of diseases of the teeth, gums and the oral cavity in general. Good  oral hygiene combined with proper nutrition and regular visits to the dentist are the  three most important factors in maintaining oral health.

The main goal of oral hygiene is to take care of our teeth and to avoid problems of  insufficient cleaning from the foods that cause oral health 1 microbial dental  plaque. The thin layer of germs that accumulates on the teeth is the cause of  dental problems. Inadequate oral hygiene allows plaque germs to grow  undisturbed, producing acids that degrade the enamel (hard substance) of teeth, causing caries. At the same time, they irritate and contaminate the gums, creating  gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), which can develop into periodontitis.

Many other oral health problems such as (bad breath) are caused because the  patient neglects the rules of oral hygiene.

Diseases of the teeth and gums, such as abscesses or periodontitis, have been  shown to cause serious problems in the general health of our body, such as an  increased risk of heart attack and stroke or pregnancy complications.

At Fotopharmacy you will find whatever you need for oral health. Oral health is all the things we do in order to keep our teeth and generally our mouth cavity clean. Because prevention is the best cure, choose the most appropriate products which protect your mouth cavity and prevent problems with your teeth or gums. Proper oral health ensures a healthy mouth and fresh breath!!