Lipstick - Lip Gloss


Extremely creamy lipstick that offers full and bright color and leaves a velvety effect on the lips.

Face Products for Women

Bionike Defence Color Liplaque


Gives volume and shine.


Translucent, bright lipstick with a balm effect.


Extremely glossy gloss, with a liquid effect. Hyaluronic acid in microspheres.


Extremely matte lipstick with a light and comfortable texture, like a second skin.


Offers a rich and shiny result from matte to pearl.


Its excellent quality offers fast drying and matte effect.


Long Lasting Lip color Dorothy L .

Lipstick - Lip Gloss

Erre Due Full Color Lipstick with Hyaluronic


Soft, creamy lipstick that takes care of your lips.

Lipstick - Lip Gloss

Erre Due Perfect Matte Lipstick 3.5gr


Mat lipstick with a smooth texture and intense color.

Lipstick - Lip Gloss

Erre Due Satin Liquid Lipstick 4.2ml


Liquid lipstick with rich color and satin finish.


Gives your lips full coverage for 8 hours & it doesn’t dry your lips out.

The Best Lipstick and Lip Gloss for Women

Do you want hydrated and beautiful lips lasting all day long? The best lipstick and lip gloss are your daily savior! With color or transparent, it acts immediately, giving  to your lips beautiful and impressive appearance.
Either before applying makeup or for refreshment, put your favorite lipbalm in your  bag and it will follow you everywhere, all day, with a unique “mission” to keep your lips velvety.

Many aspects in our everyday schedule have an impact on our skin, such as intense daily life or sun exposure, which causes premature skin growth. Growing up is not something that happens only to us or our skin. It happens everywhere on us. Even in our hair and much more on our lips. But why?
The aging process through which the lips become brittle and sensitive is a natural course of cellular degeneration due to the time that passes. In fact, this aging occurs in two forms: the lips lose their redness and are less intense and thin out  their contour. More specifically:

– The red part of the lip is the first unit affected because the vessels are decomposed.
– Affected by dehydration (loss of water) results in reduced volume and tonality
– They lose collagen, thus reducing their size.
– The consequence of the loss above, is the fragility of the spherical structure of the mouth, and lip contour.
– The lip border is the boundary between skin and mucosa.
– Loss of volume and tonality means “subsidence” of the lip border, which no longer has support.
– Lips lose their arch of support, the real mouth’s architecture.
– The wrinkle development around the lips encounters no resistance barrier.

At FotoPharmacy, there’s a variety of lip balms for every occasion and for every  taste from which anyone should feel confident and good-looking!