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Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine, invented in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, based on the principle that “the simillar is cured by the simillar” (similia similibus curantur), according to which the treatment of a physical or mental illness , can be achieved by using drugs that are capable of causing the symptoms of this disease when administered to a healthy body.

Homeopathy As a Natural Treatment

Homeopathy, with its gentle but effective approach and emphasis on nature, as the ultimate source of everything, was the starting point. The advantage of natural ingredients is not only their proven effectiveness, but also their unique synergy and interaction.

Each herb is made up of many ingredients, some of which are known for their properties, while others appear to be inactive. However, there is a unique chemistry in the way these components interact with each other that cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. In other words, any “made” formula from the individual ingredients of each herb can never be as complete and effective as the herb itself in the form found in nature. The lab is part of the equation, but in the context of skin biochemistry research, research to find natural ways to activate specific biological pathways that allow cells to extend their healthy life cycle.

The pharmacy homeopathic heritage is reflected in more than 3,000 herbal remedies, based on natural ingredients that reach and systematically surpass the effectiveness of synthetic agents that have evolved in laboratories over a period of years. Aloe, Borage, Calendula, Evening primrose, Witch hazel, Quercetin, Wild rose are just some of these beneficial ingredients that come to us directly from nature and are selected for their unique properties. Their extract is isolated, stabilized and subjected to exhaustive tests in order to maximize the use of these inherent properties for the needs of the skin. The homeopathic heritage provides the knowledge and the laboratory the clinical trials so that the final formula is the natural alternative to the well-known conventional skin care solutions.

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