Body Foundation


Perfect coverage for the body & legs.

Do you have a tattoo that you want to cover? Do you want to cover marks from stretch marks, scars, acne or other imperfections?

Find the best body foundation products

At our e-shop, you will find a wide variety of products, such as corrective make-up body products, which will erase what you do not want people to see. Offer your body natural coverage with famous brand name skin care products which are applied easily and allow the skin to breathe. Discover the product which is suitable for your skin type. Cover perfectly any imperfections on your body and legs but also protect completely any sensitive marks. It offers complete care which lasts and gives you an aesthetically impressive result that will surprise you.

At our e-shop,, you will find a big variety of body make-up which: 

  • Offer an even, natural result.
  • Are waterproof and can only be removed with special demake up products.
  • Offer effective coverage.
  • Are completely friendly with even the most sensitive skins.