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The Best Pregnancy Hydration and Tightening Skin Care Products

Are you pregnant? Before buying a care product, check the list of its ingredients and avoid what is forbidden during the 9 months of pregnancy.

The use of inappropriate care products during pregnancy and breastfeeding… carries many risks for you and, especially, your baby.

Although it is important to get safe instructions from your doctor, the truth is that most cosmetics are bought without thinking. “How harmful can an eye cream, a toning serum, a makeup pencil or a hand moisturizer be?” you wonder. Below we will explain what you need to know if you are pregnant for care products in order to make the most conscious decisions.

Discolorations (hyperpigmentation)

Exfoliation is the first step to reducing discoloration, but rubbing with a sponge is not enough. A chemical exfoliator, AHA or BHA, in lotion form is a very effective, safe and clearly milder choice for you.

But always wear a sunscreen with natural mineral filters SPF 25, daily and without exception. Also ask your doctor about the use of azelaic acid as well.

All existing research shows that it can improve brown spots and discoloration of a pregnant woman without side effects for the fetus.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks that appear during or after pregnancy appear to be related to each woman’s genetic profile. For the most unfortunate, these signs are the most difficult part of care, because in reality there are no cosmetic ingredients or products that can visibly and immediately improve the problem. Maybe rubbing your skin with a serum or with aromatic vegetable oils can help make the skin smooth and reduce unsightly stretch marks. A stretch mark cream would also do a great job with tightening the skin.

However, after childbirth and during breastfeeding, tretinoin (the active ingredient in retinol) will slightly improve your problem. At the same time, you can seek medical treatment with pulsed light, trichloroacetic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid or beta-hydroxy acid, but only your doctor will confirm the safety of the methods.


Metronidazole is considered safe for use during pregnancy, as is azelaic acid.
For coverage – and not treatment – a moisturizer with color and mineral sunscreen helps a lot.

Wrinkles of premature aging

Yes, pregnancy is a time of intense stress. Yes, childbirth is probably even more stressful, as is the long period of breastfeeding, mainly due to psychological factors. This translates into wrinkles and signs of premature aging, due to an incomplete anti-aging routine. There is no documented concern about common “pharmacokinetics” such as vitamin C, niacinamide, peptides or other types of antioxidants during or after pregnancy.

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