In addition to intense itching and redness, mosquito bites – which have already begun to appear due to high temperatures – can be dangerous to health. They carry the risk of infections or even the transmission of serious diseases such as  malaria, so it is good to take action, starting today.Mosquitoes bite because they  need the proteins in our blood to produce their eggs. When a mosquito bites, it  uses a tube-like snout to pierce the skin and suck blood. Although the victim does not lose much blood, mosquito saliva can cause skin irritation, which causes  discomfort and a desire to scratch the area.When mosquitoes bite, the immune  system detects their saliva as a threat and responds as self-defense. This self- defense is manifested by the release of histamine. Histamine causes skin irritation  or inflammation, which often leads to a rash. If left untreated, the sting will itch for a  few days and then the wound will disappear naturally.Basic reasons that  mosquitoes are attracted to humans:Carbon dioxide: Mosquitoes are attracted  to carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and can detect it from a distance of up to 50  meters.Body heat and odor: Mosquitoes are sensitive to heat and are therefore  naturally attracted to people with higher body temperatures. Mosquitoes are also attracted to specific body odors and sweat.

Blood type O: People with blood type O are more likely to be a target than people with another blood type. Research has shown that people with blood type O are twice as likely to be bitten as people with blood type

Blood type A: was even less “popular” than people with blood type B.Despite all the above, prepare yourself in case of a potential “attack” from these tiny enemies of our skin and health, choosing from our store, mosquito repellents specialized for  your needs even with the spray texture!!Only at Fotopharmacy!!