Coverage that adjusts for the perfect skin tone for all occasions.


Natural coverage of skin imperfections.


The biggest mascara ever seen on the market!

2,00 2,50 

Offers a rich and shiny result from matte to pearl.


Its excellent quality offers fast drying and matte effect.


Long Lasting Lip color Dorothy L .

5,48 6,85 

 Gives radiance & velvety texture to the skin.


Soft make-up that offers perfect coverage for a special make-up that lasts.


Ideal for any type of makeup.

Face Powders

Dorothy L Matte Powder 12gr


Matte powder in compact form by Dorothy L for a natural result.


Make up concealer and powder together!

3,76 4,70 

Range of waterproof pencils for eyes and lips with durability.

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The Best MakeUp Products for Women

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