Bionike Defence Color Brow Shaper



Brow shaper that spreads evenly, with an angled tip for easy and precise application.

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Bionike Defence Color Brow Shaper

It has a brush for blending the product and combing the eyebrows.

Tested for Chromium, Nickel and Cobalt

Preservative Free

Fragrance Free

Gluten Free

Recommended for design,shape brows and fill the most spare areas.

How To Use

Draw small lines following the direction of hair growth, from the inner side of the eyebrows outwards. The angled tip allows you to draw thinner or thicker, bolder strokes. The brush provided is ideal for combing and taming the eyebrows, correcting their shape. No scraping required. Rotate the trunk to reveal the pencil, making sure it doesn’t stick out too much.


The texture improvement agent (sericite):
improves the feel of the skin and makes the product last.
Carnauba wax and triglycerides:
make the texture thick, but soft, for precise design and perfect glide.

Aditional Information

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