Tinted Sunscreen


Gives an even color to the skin & protects!


Photo-makeup for mixed or oily skin!


Incomparable, daily protection from all types of sunlight (UVA & UVB, visible HEV and infrared IR).


Protects skin against photoageing.


Face tinted sun cream for face and neck, of high protection SPF 30.

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A sunscreen face cream with color for the care of 3 in 1 spots.


Provides broad spectrum UVA, UVB, IR & BLUE LIGHT protection, Hydrates and offers a fresh feel, Evens out the complexion - Lightweight texture


Very high sun protection for faces with sensitive, oily and blemish-prone skin.


100% mineral filter sunscreen in a light, cream-to-powder formula.

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For the Summer

Avene Suncare SPF50+ Tinted Fluid 50ml

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Very high sun protection with color for face for normal to combination skin.

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For the Summer

Avene Suncare SPF50+ Tinted Cream 50ml

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Very high sun protection for face for dry sensitive skin.

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For the Summer

Castalia Helioderm SPF50+ Creme Teinte 50ml

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Very high protection tinted face cream, with non- greasy texture, that covers skin imperfections.

Did you understand the phrase?: All year sunscreen!!
In summer, of course, the following happens: you look for the lightest, in addition to your clothes, and for your skin. A product that will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun but at the same time will cover small imperfections and discolorations, giving uniformity.
Commonly, a sunscreen with color. Because a) you love multitasking products that combine more than one use and b) you want to avoid layering with many products, see sunscreen, then primer, after foundation, etc. in the heat.

Here at Fotopharmacy, choose through a variety of brands and products of sunscreen with color and give to your skin the protection you need the most!!