Hair Loss Products for Women


BioKap Shampoo Anticaduta effectively combats hair loss.


Suitable for occasional (less than 6 months) or chronic hair loss.


Your hair & nails regain strength and vitality thanks to zinc.


Dietary supplement with vitamin C and zinc against hair loss.


Shampoo to treat hair loss.

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Reduces hair loss, promotes healthy hair growth & increases hair density.


Shampoo for weak, fragile hair!


To protect and keep the scalp in good condition.

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Nutritional Supplement against Hair Loss


Anti-hair loss lotion.


Double action serum: against chronic hair loss, also promoting hair growth.

Complete formulas with vitamins and natural ingredients which protect the hair and offer health to the hair and wellness to the people.

Essential products to combat hair loss in women

At find everything you need to face the women’s seasonal hair loss or generally women’s hair loss. Find specialized shampoos and lotions against hair loss, emollient creams to fight hair loss, find special supplements and vitamins to protect your hair.

Hair loss is considered something that we tend to see as normal. However, it seems to affect our psychology greatly. Alopecia, in other words hair loss is a genetic condition, thus it is hereditary. Take immediate and preventive measures to face hair loss using the appropriate treatment according to your skin type.