Green Coffee

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The new trend in weight loss is called green coffee.
Green coffee beans are the classic coffee beans, without having been roasted. They do not have the intense aroma of roasted coffee and their taste is much more bitter.

The roasting process and the exposure of the grains to high temperatures result in the decomposition of chlorogenic acid and the loss of its fat-dissolving properties. For this reason, classic coffee drinks contain almost negligible amounts of chlorogenic acid compared to dietary supplements.

The secret of green coffee is hidden in the plant compound of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant that can be found in many vegetables and fruits, such as plums, apples, cherries and more. Green coffee beans are the largest source of chlorogenic acid and are good to add to our diet because they have strong antioxidant activity, destroy free radicals and protect the body’s cells, acting beneficially on the health of the human body. At the same time, caffeine in combination with the antioxidant action of chlorogenic acid activates the metabolism and the consumption of caloric energy, achieving the reduction of body weight and the achievement of the ideal mass index.

The natural extract produced from green coffee beans can become your most powerful weapon against diabetes or obesity. Studies have shown that in addition to weight loss you can achieve a significant reduction in blood sugar levels.