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Charak Cephagraine 100tabs

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Decongestant and analgesic treatment for diseases of the nasal cavity and migraine.

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Nutritional supplement that contributes to the normal function of muscles, nervous system, good bone health, and reduces fatigue and tiredness.


For diseases of the nasal cavity & migraine

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Specchiasol Lenimyr 10caps

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Lenimyr is a dietary supplement based on plant extracts with the exclusive and patented formula that combines Myrrh, Caffeine and Ginger.


Natural oil with balsam flower extract, almond oil, olive oil & vitamin E.

The Best Treatment for Migraine

Migraine is a complex problem, with the main symptom being a strong headache, but also several times with a wide variety of other manifestations. It can be a chronic condition, with individualized or unpredictable characteristics in terms of its manifestation, response to treatment and its evolution over time.

Migraine is more common in women. Although it usually occurs in adults, there are also forms that affect children as well.

In addition to painkillers and anti-vomiting drugs, the abuse of which can cause other serious problems, the use of special medications can work to prevent and prevent the onset of a migraine attack or achieve the quickest possible relief of the headache when it starts.

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