Feet Peeling

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A gentle yet powerful foot exfoliant that removes thick, rough layer off the feet!


Caring scrub with Mother-of-Pearl powder for legs and feet.

Peeling Products

Podia Premium Wooden Foot File 1pc


Prevents growth of microorganisms and unpleasant odors.

Products to Help With Foot PeelingFoot care is now a daily necessity due to the modern way of life! Long hours of standing, inappropriate shoes, exercise, but also extra pounds are just a few of the factors that burden our feet. For the reason that we must not neglect their care and hygiene, it is important to include it in our daily routine. That’s why Fotopharmacy store suggests you the top natural tips for foot care at home.Foot peeling melts the skin, rejuvenates the feet and calves, making them healthy and shiny. Choose the right product from our store to treat your extremities!