Podia Premium Wooden Foot File 1pc



Prevents growth of microorganisms and unpleasant odors.

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Podia Premium Wooden Foot File

Packaging: 1 piece

Ergonomically designed Double Sided Foot File, with professional specifications, ideal for the removal of hard skin over the heel and metatarsus area.

  • Two surfaces of different coarseness.
  • Sanitized technology that prevents microorganisms and odors.
  • FSC certification for responsible forest management and minimal ecological footprint.
How To Use
  1. We treat the foot area, taking care of the deep cleansing that will remove dead skin cells. Thus, Podia’s Cleansing and Exfoliating Soap with Pumice and Perlite is your ideal choice for the first step.
  2. If hyperkeratosis over the heel and metatarsus area persists, begin with the rougher side Podia’s Premium Wooden Foot File. Always following the same direction, scrub the areas of hyperkeratosis to remove hard skin. Follow the same process with the less rough side on the same spots.
  3. To complete our care, use Podia’s Anti-Callus – Keratolytic Cream, to reduces the appearance of new dead cells, enhance exfoliation and deeply moisturize the skin.
  4. For the even more effective treatment, make sure to keep your feet properly hydrated.

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