The Best Eyebrow Pencil Products For Women

Do you find difficult to make your eyebrows more intensive? Win this contest with  the eyebrow pencil, without the need to be a professional make up artist. Give to  your eyebrows the color, shape and glam you prefer or suits you better!

Science tells us that our eyebrows are the most important part of our face and beauty experts agree and add that, among other things, is the most difficult to enhance correctly. Although the variety of products for the “right eyebrows” that you will find in the market is unbelievable, all this can be mind blowing and you cannot be sure that you are using them correctly.

So, how do I highlight my eyebrows? To find out, below is described the first of all choices: The eyebrow pencil! How to use it: For filling and finishing.

You can use different products to fill your eyebrows with color, but few offer the accuracy of a pencil – regardless of the natural shape of your eyebrows. That’s why most experts will agree that the pencil is the most important “tool” for your eyebrows.

The method: Keep in mind the accuracy – it’s the secret to applying the pencil correctly. Apply it with small pencils that immitate eyebrow hairs. Be patient and if you want more intense color, leave a few seconds between the layers for a more realistic result. If the pencil you are using has a brush on the other end, comb your eyebrows with it after filling so that it shares the color correctly.

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