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Henna Brahma Black 75g


Magnificent Hair Color Products to Dye Your HairHair coloring is not just for women. Men also deserve hair with a nice shade and a healthy look and they can achieve this with hair dyes for men. Have you discovered your first gray hair and want to cover it? Men’s dye for gray hair will help you cover up unwanted gray hair.Many men find that gray hair attracts the opposite sex and maintains it with pride. For those who prefer this look, we have shampoo to stimulate the gray shades that ensure the perfect look of the entire hairstyle.How to use hair dyes for menWith the sensitivity test on men’s hair dyes, you can prevent possible allergic reactions. That’s why we recommend applying the dye to your hand or skin behind your ear for 48 hours before dyeing your hair and wait for possible reactions, even if you have been using the same dye for years.Along with the right dye, choose a shampoo for dyed hair to achieve a more dazzling result. All the above are in a variety of brands that you can find only at Fotopharmacy!