Eye Pencils

Face Products for Women

Bionike Defence Color Absolute Stylo 24h Eye Pencil


Use it for the make-up of even the most sensitive eyes.


Soft eye pencil with easy and uniform application, specially designed for use also on the inner lash line.


In a plastic pencil packaging, this liner glides on smoothly and draws perfect lines.


Eye Liner that has a liquid gel texture and a firm applicator that allows it to glide easily and draw flawless lines, making it suitable even for less experienced users.


Erre Due sharpener


Sharpener for eye and lip pencils.

Face Products for Women

Erre Due Silky Premiun Eye Definer 24hrs


Soft eye pencil with a waterproof formula

Out of stock


Korres Focus on the Eyes Set

Not Available

For an elegant make-up!


A long-lasting mechanical eye pencil that offers a velvety spread and a perfect contour on the eyes.


A sensual, highly defined look that lasts all day.

Face Products for Women

Mesauda Christmas Kit Eye-Xlusive


The perfect travel-sized kit to always have with you the essential products for a sparkling eye makeup.


Mesauda's Christmas KIT is the perfect gift to give and be given and to prepare with them for Christmas parties in the best possible way.


Colored eye pencil that can also be used as an eye shadow.

The Best Eye Color Pencil Products

Make your look astonishing and seductive by giving your eyes the color they deserve with the best eye color pencil products! Eye pencils for the eyes or/and the  eye contour area, in any color or any shade, give exactly the look that you want to create and to preserve and maintain good-looking and beautiful. Achieve any eye look with eye pencils, formulated for long wear, rich color, and flawless finishes.

But how are we going to enhance our look and maintain our eye pencil’s color? Here are some tips below:

Waterline is the eye’s interior, which is always wet and that’s why it’s called like this. Many times you wonder if you place your pencil there, the eyes will look smaller. Well, this could happen, but remember that within the eye, the gaze becomes more sensual and more intense. Apply a touch of light brown shade just below your eyes, and minimal mascara! You will emphasize, without reducing their shape! However, always keep in mind that by putting a pencil through the eyes, they acquire a more “torn” shape, more catish! In particular, if you have big eyes, just put a pencil in the waterline, play with a little dark shadow in the corner of your eyes, and you will get the cat look that will win the impressions!

In case you are dealing with small eyes, a beige pencil is the one that will automatically make them look bigger! Put a beige pencil on your waterline and put also a relatively light shade on your eyelid! Apply many layers of mascara, and… ready! The beige pencil inside the eye, besides the fact that “opens” the look, also
makes you look more relaxed, so don’t be afraid to experiment. It is recommended to use beige and not white, because the result will be softer.

Find at FotoPharmacy, through plenty of eye pencils, the color that you need for the purpose that you need!