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The Best Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a normal anatomical feature of this area. They are essentially blood vessels, small veins and arteries, or “tubes” that carry blood to the anal area.  They form a cluster of vessels, called the “hemorrhoidal plexus”. Together  with the supernatant and submucosa, they form protective pads in the area where  the anal sphincter is located. During defecation, as the anal sphincter relaxes, the  mesh empties of blood and refills after this operation. Thus hemorrhoids, to some  extent, help the anal sphincter to close the anus and thus contribute to fecal  restraint.

Hemorrhoids cause big problems to the people who suffer from them, as this illness is followed by intense, acute pains and discomfort that lasts for days and stops you from relaxing, even during sleeping time.

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