Curly Hair


Milky spray for detangling hair.


Recommended for curly, coiled hair that lack moisture.


This plant-based, creamy shampoo gently cleanses, deeply nourishes and repairs hair weightlessly while providing essential nutrients to boost hair strength and shine.

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The curls acquire a beautiful shape, well-shaped and move lightly.

Hair Products for Women

Phyto Phytospecific Rich Hydration Shampoo 250ml


It restores and protects hair from external aggressors and replenishes and locks in moisture, leaving your curls silky smooth, hydrated, and healthy-looking.


This spray moisturizes, tones and shapes the curls without weighing them down.

Hair Accessories for Women

René Furterer Sublime Curl Refreshing Spray 150ml


René Furterer Sublime Curl spray reshapes, sculpts and accentuates curls. The hairstyle lasts for a long time.


The cream that nourishes and gives a perfect shape to the curls while offering protection against frizz that lasts.

Shampoo for Women

René Furterer Sublime Curl Shampoo 200ml


René Furterer's Sublime Curl shampoo gently cleanses, while at the same time sculpts the curls, giving shape and wavy style to your hair. Silicone free.

The best products for curly hair type

Women who have curly hair often wish they had straight hair because it is less wild, which is such a shame! Proper care and correct styling secrets will help you control those wild curls and transform hair that breaks easily, or is wild into soft, silky curls.

The delicacy of curly hair

Curly hair is usually dry and looks as if it needs care. Curls are not into direct contact with the scalp, like straight hair so they do not touch the sebum that is produced on the head. Also, natural curls have a less uniform layer of dandruff. As a result, curly hair is hypersensitive to corrupting factors. You have every reason to look after your hair meticulously while it is still wet.