Nasal Decongestion

Allegrin Nasal Spray 15ml


Nasal spray for adults and children for allergic rhinitis.


Fight against the symptoms of allergic & non-allergic rhinitis.

Well Being

Health Aid Allergforte 60tabs


Provides optimum immune support for those who experience seasonal sensitivity.


Effectively Removes Unwanted Mucous Secretions & All Kinds of Allergens from the Nasal Cavity!


Nasal drops with a unique composition, which lubricates, moisturizes and protects the nasal mucosa.


Seasonal immune support

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Cleansing nasal spray for hayfever-causing pollen and other allergens.


For the relief of dry nasal passages and mucus crust!

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Nasal Spray for the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.


Drug-free nasal strips that are easy to apply and offer relief from nasal congestion caused by allergies or colds.


Sensitive, irritated skin. Topical Relief of Various Skin Irritations.


Relieves the symptoms of allergies.

The Best Allergies Treatment Products

The term “allergy” was first used by Clemens von Pirquet in 1906 to describe the unusual tendency of some people to have different reactions or “hypersensitivity reactions” when exposed to certain substances. Below you’ll find more information on this and allergies treatment products!

In recent years, a large proportion of health problems are associated with allergic disorders and reflect the long-term consequences of chronic allergic inflammation, following repeated exposure to various allergens.

An allergy involves changes in the way the body responds to certain harmless substances. This process also includes substances that the body may not have reacted when exposed to them for the first time, while other people may tolerate them without problems. These substances are called allergens or antigens and the most common are proteins from pollen, from trees and grasses, various foods, dust mites, minerals (eg nickel) or substances used in cosmetics and medicines.

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