Foot Bath Salts


Gehwol Bath Salt 250gr


Softly and thoroughly cleanses, stimulates the circulation, revitalises and strengthens the skin.

The Most Suitable Foot Bathing Salt ProductsOur feet are among the most neglected parts of our body as they carry our body throughout the day. Refresh and tone the dry, dehydrated, tired feet and offer them the care they deserve. Offer them care that will be appreciated. Use unique salts in your foot bath which are easily absorbed by the skin and fight skin irritations and fungal infections, remove hard skin and reduce inflammations, pains, swellings and cramps. They activate blood circulation, relax muscles and moisturize and soften your skin.Do you have  dry and dehydrated, tired and tired feet? Give them what they deserve. A treat that  will be remembered for a long time!A foot bath with salts for tired feetFill a saucepan or basin with hot water and add a cup of salt until dissolved. If you want  you can add rose petals or grated lavender, or even a few drops of peppermint oil  that increase blood circulation.Put your feet in the water and let them soak for 10 to  20 minutes and then dry them. You will immediately feel the tension subside.At  Fotopharmacy you will find bath salts for your feet which ,as said before, will make  that moment of relaxation unforgetable!