Grey Hair


This shampoo provides delicate silver highlights and reduces yellowing!

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This shampoo provides delicate silver highlights and reduces yellowing!


Stops and reverses the greying process!

Most Suitable Grey Hair Treatment for MenHair starts becoming grey when the cells that produce melanin stop doing it. Do not feel uncomfortable about your grey hair and fight any discoloration immediately with unique choices for a uniform color  result using the most suitable products. You now have the opportunity to create a new style that will show up and embrace at the same time your grey hair, without  making you look old.Below are some factors that cause grey hair:Heredity: Who  can put it with their genes and DNA? So if your ancestors (parents, grandparents)  started to have gray or white hair early on, then it is possible that you will get  another hair color at the appropriate age.Poor – Unbalanced diet: You will surely  have heard the phrase “we are what we eat” countless times! This may be the case  with gray hair. A diet high in saturated fat and low in vitamins and  antioxidants reduces the activity of melanocytes. The result; Your hair turns  gray!Deficiency in nutrients, mainly amino acids, vitamin B9 (folic acid) and  B12 (cobalamin): Research shows that in people who started taking vitamin B9 and B12 supplementation, their gray hair began to regain its natural  color!

Smoking: It is well known that smoking is responsible for a variety of diseases. But  id you know that he is also accused of premature graying-bleaching of hair?  Here’s another reason to cut it!

Autoimmune diseases – Thyroid disease: Specifically vitiligo where both hair  and skin lose their color due to reduced melanin production. In fact, the amino acid  responsible for hair and skin color is tyrosine. So know that when not enough  melanin is produced enough, tyrosine is responsible for discoloring your hair and  skin.

Stress – Oxidative stress: Research has spoken and once again confirmed that stress is your enemy! In particular, too much stress increases the production of hydrogen peroxide, which destroys melanin cells. This makes it easier to get gray  or white hair.

Atmospheric pollutants: Air pollution creates free radicals. One of  the many negative consequences of this is premature graying or bleaching of the  hair due to reduced melanin production.

Unchecked hair products and styling – Interventions (eg decapage): Do you  know that the products you use to care for your hair (eg shampoo, mask, cream)  contain hydrogen peroxide? The whole issue is the concentration of hydrogen  peroxide. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose products that are tested and  certified.

Teeth whitening: Wondering what it has to do with whitening your teeth with gray- white hair? So do know that the products you use to have a bright smile contain  hydrogen peroxide as the main ingredient. This directly affects the production of  melanin cells.

Sunlight: Sun exposure without necessary precautions can result premature  graying or bleaching of the hair. Did you know that sunlight causes photoaging in  the scalp? Is it time to start using hair sunscreen?5 ways to deal with:-Be on a  balanced diet rich in protein, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and minerals.  Complementary intake of antioxidants and vitamins B9, B12, C and E enhances  the action of melanocytes and their lifespan.-Studies show that taking a  supplement containing catalase (antioxidant) promotes melanin production and  therefore color retention.-Stop smoking.-Use of sunscreen for hair.-Use of  specialized products for the care and styling of gray and white hair.For all the  above, visit FotoPharmacy and find out how to solve the grey hair’s problem  through a variety of brands and products.