Iovir Nasal Spray 20ml



Reduces the duration of the flu and the intensity of the symptoms of the common cold.

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Iovir Nasal Spray

Packaging: 20ml

Iovir® for the nose is a sterile, European-certified class IIa medical device with natural and proven antiviral properties. Contains the natural substances Carragelose® (jot carrageenan) and kappa-carrageenan, which are derived from red seaweed. Can be used by adults and children from 1 year. Can be used for a long time. There is no possibility of addiction or risk of overdose. It does not contain preservatives.

Can be used:

  • To reduce the duration of the flu and the intensity of the symptoms of the common cold
  • To reduce the occurrence of new infections and the recurrence of symptoms associated with the common cold
  • For the prophylaxis and supportive treatment of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract
  • For the preventive and prolonged moisturizing of the nasal mucosa in order to prevent and support the complaints related to the dry or irritated nasal mucosa


  • 140 sprays
  • Natural
  • Mechanical action
  • Suitable from 1 year
  • Clinically studied and proven in children and adults
  • Suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding and other vulnerable groups
  • Suitable for diabetics and vegans
  • It does not contain lactose and gluten
  • It does not contain drugs
  • Sterile throughout its use
How To Use

In nasal decongestion, apply a spray several times a day to each nostril or according to your personal needs.

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