Menarini Mo-Shield Insect Repellent Band Blue 2 pcs + Gift Mo-Shield Go 17 ml



Natural and effective protection against mosquitoes (including the TIGER Mosquito) for the whole family!

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  • Insect repellent band
  • With Citriodiol (22%)
  • Action for up to 200 hours
  • Waterproof
  • For the whole family
  • 2 pcs
  • Provides effective protection
  • Has long lasting action

Mo-Shield Insect Repellent Band is an innovative bracelet that offers up to 200 hours of mosquito protection. Perfect for garden, walk, beach, countryside etc.

It contains the natural active ingredient Citridiol (Eucalyptus essential oils) in a high concentration of 22% and provides high protection against mosquitoes (including the Tiger mosquito), gnats, ticks and fleas.

Citridiol is recommended as an effective substance for protection against mosquitoes.

The packaging is resealable and you can place the bracelet in its packaging when not in use.

The product is approved by the Ministry of Environment & Energy (TP19-0199).

Gift: Mo-Shield Go (17 ml).

How To Use

The duration of action of the bracelet is up to 200 hours.

Aditional Information

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