Fleriana Insect Repellent Liquid Plug-in 30ml



Natural Insect Repellent with natural Geraniol for mosquitoes & gnats.

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Fleriana Insect Repellent Liquid Plug-in

Packaging: 30ml

Natural insect repellent liquid plug in, suitable for all electrical machines of the market designed for mosquito repellent plug in.

One bottle is enough for an area of approximately 40 m3. The product will last for 30-40 days when used for around 8 hours per night.

How To Use

Remove the cap from the vial.

Screw or snap the vial with the fluid into the socket at the bottom of the electrical device in an upright position so that the vial is integrated with the device.

Place the appliance in an electrical outlet (230V) near an open window.

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