Klorane Anti-Age Olivier Shampoo 400ml



Deep density restoration for shiny hair
Cleansing, revitalizing, density.

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Designed to care for mature hair, our Organic Olive Shampoo helps fight hair aging. With a mild cleansing action, it revitalizes the scalp that has been damaged by time and restores the thickness of hair that has lost its density. This density shampoo contains pure olive extract, rich in polyphenols and excellent antioxidant agents, offering a moment of rejuvenation. Combined with a gentle cleansing base, this active ingredient of plant origin, known to the Mediterranean peoples, stimulates the scalp and thickens the hair fiber. Revitalizes hair by offering rich texture and vitality.

Hair density is deeply restored and fiber thickness is visibly increased for shiny, revitalized hair with elasticity.

• Washing: its cleansing base washes gently, while respecting the hair and scalp that weaken with age.

• Revitalization : with olive extract, this shampoo with a balancing action helps to maintain the youth of the scalp, giving strength and vitality.

• Adds density: its nourishing texture adds density and gives volume to thin hair without weighing it down.

How To Use

Apply to wet hair, lather and massage the scalp for a few seconds.

Rinse well.


-Methylhesperidin salt-(HMC)-
Active ingredient that stimulates microcirculation in the scalp.

Organic olive
Olive, the fruit of the olive tree, is known for its excellent properties and is a true anti-aging concentrated care with antioxidant properties that give density to the hair.

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