Froika Anti-Pigment Peptide Cream 30ml



The Anti-Pigment peptide cream has a simple combination of 6 intensive whitening agents against discolouration, spots and freckles of the skin while it actively contributes to preventing their reappearance.

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It reduces the intensity and number of already existing spots and protects against the appearance of new ones
It offers shine and homogeneity of the color tone of the skin
It offers antioxidant protection from solar radiation throughout the year
It inhibits the action of tyrosinase and, in stages, of melanosynthesis
Removal of dead cells
Cellular renewal
Protection from UV radiation

Helps for:

Pigmented spots (Freckles – melasma – freckles)
Age spots ( actinic keratosis – age spots)
Post-inflammatory hyperplasia
Pregnancy spots (chloasma)
Discoloration, dull and dark skins


How To Use

Apply to face, neck & décolleté. It can be used morning and night and after invasive treatments, to enhance & maintain the effect. It is recommended to use sunscreen after application.


Resorcinol, Inhibits the synthesis of melanin and maintains the color uniformity of the skin
Tranexamic Acid, Inhibits melanin production and reduces its intensity
Vitamin C, Discolors brown spots, removes dullness and gives shine
Whitening Peptides, Intervene in many stages of melanosynthesis
Niacinamide, Enhances discoloration by reducing the diffusion of melanin
Stabilized Papain, With strong, non-irritating exfoliating action for immediate removal of color imperfections

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